Hi everyone, we offer more discount if you buy more items. Below coupon codes are for all customers including wholesale customers. All discount codes are valid by Dec 31th, 2022.  For more details, you can send us messages to @slippersin on Facebook/Instagram, or send email to: [email protected]

Quantity & Discount Discount Code
Buy 1 item, 8% off new8
Buy 2 items, 10% off new10
Buy 3 & more items, 12% off new12
Buy 5 & more items, 15% off sale15
Buy 10 items & more, 30% off sale30
Buy 20 items & more, 35% off sale35
Buy 30 items & more, 38% off sale38
Buy 50 items & more, 40% off sale40

Below is a mobile screenshot to show where you can put in the coupon codes, after you click"add to cart", you can see the at the bottom at the page.

discount use